Proofreader Job Duties

By | August 9, 2010

Proofreader Duties

The main job duty of a proofreader is to read between the lines and see it against the original copy and detect the typographical errors. He will also have to check whether desktop publisher has followed the use of same sizes and fonts and spacing and see that each page of the book looks similar to as planned by the publisher or the page designer.

Job Duties of a Fresher Proofreader

  • As a fresher in proofreading, you must learn the use of special marks that are considered to be the standard in the publishing industries.
  • It is also the job duty of the proofreader to find out the errors in making spelling mistakes and any mistakes in punctuation.
  • You will have to report to the senior proofreader and you must get your copy rechecked by him or her once you have finished the checking at your level.
  • You must have the ability to learn as fast as possible the standards used in proofreading and improve your performance to the level of an expert.
  • Once your proof is corrected by the typesetter, you will have to check the proof again and try to see that it is error free.

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