Project Planner Job Duties

By | March 20, 2014

Project planner is one of the positions that together form the project managing team in any organisation. At times the role of the project planner may coincide with that of the project manager.

In a general broad sense the project planner has to fulfil all the key responsibilities related with the project development, analysis and implementation etc. A detailed description of the duties to be fulfilled by the project planner is given below for better understanding the position.

Project Planner Job Duties

  • The project planner is required to go through the project outline and set out standard goals/ objectives based on the outline stated by the customers or the company officials.
  • Besides setting the goals/ objectives, the project planner is also required to make out a proper schedule for project progress and implementation.
  • It is the duty of the project planner to monitor the implementation of the project while ensuring that everything is going as per the project plan.
  • The project planner is the one assigned with the duty to analyse the effectiveness of the project with the use of the various qualitative and quantitative tools.
  • One of the duties of the project planner is also to work in close proximity with all the employees and workers. While doing so the planner has to ensure that everybody is working as per the plan.
  • Some of the organisations may include in the duties of a project planner- one to build good relationships with the clients and ensure they are satisfied with the project progress/ completion.
  • It is the duty of the project planner to ensure that all the legislative requirements and norms set up the governing body are being met in the completion of the respective project.
  • The project planner has to collect all the data related to the project, arrange it, carry on required operations and convey it to the whole team including the superiors.

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