Project Coordinator Job Duties

By | July 1, 2010

Project Coordinator Duties

Being a Project Coordinator your foremost duty lies in providing leadership to the project team. IT Project Coordinators job includes managing various ongoing IT projects and project segments by specific objectives. Another chief responsibility as a Project Coordinator would be to sustain an appropriate liaison with clients and to make sure that the project results are comprehensible to the management or steering committee.

Job Duties of Project Coordinator

  • IT Project Coordinators give proper direction and leadership to the team involving a limited number of workforce [generally up to six people] and monitor the requirements to accomplish a given project, framework the conditions and development of short-term IT projects.
  • It is their responsibility to ensure the work progress of products and services to the client’s requirements within the given resources.
  • IT Project Coordinators determine goals and summarize the approach. They also can go for some modification within the limitations [like budget and deadlines] to attain the optimum output.
  • Being an IT Project Coordinator you will have to work with high-quality professionals in the field of development, customer and users to produce desired goal and target specifications. Sometimes it will be your job to solve if any discord arises and trying to minimize the potential risks.

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