Project Analyst Job Duties

By | March 21, 2014

A project analyst is a junior or mid-level employee in a company who works under the project head or project manager and performs many analytic duties.  He/she analyses the feasibility and application of the project and reviews the paperwork. To make note of the requirements of the project and its practicality in terms of the budget is also a part of the work of a project analyst.

To become a project analyst, a person must have atleast a Bachelor’s degree and strong analyses and analytical skills. The following is a list of the major project analyst job duties

Project Analyst Job duties

  • A project analyst must help the project team to complete the project successfully.
  • He/she must analyze the project plans before starting of the project work and see to it that the proposed plan is practical to execute.
  • Reviewing the project documents from time to time is also another duty of a project analyst.
  • A project analyst’s duty is to record and document the necessary paperwork and make a list of the project requirements.
  • Making sure that the project is going as per its plan and designated budget is also a part of the duties of a project analyst.
  • It is the duty of a project analyst to act like a liaison between various team members of the project and provide individual support to each one of them.
  • Another duty which a project analyst has to fulfil is to maintain project assets and perform project analysis on a regular and routinely basis.
  • To assist the project manager on day to day project related tasks can also be considered as one of the duties of the project analyst.
  • A project analyst is also required to notify the team about upcoming meetings and sessions.

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