Project Administrator Job Duties

By | February 28, 2012

Project Administrator is involved in planning and finalizing different projects as per the set budget and within the stipulated time. A candidate seeking this position must hold a graduation degree and should have handled various projects. He should possess knowledge about project management software and must be efficient enough to understand different platforms and possess a good working knowledge about the latest technologies.

Project Administrator Job Duties

  • A Project Administrator is required to plan and finalize projects as per the given budget. He must also ensure that the work is done on time.
  • He needs to obtain resources and coordinate with the team handling the project and the contractors so as to get the desired result.
  • He is required to oversee and supervise the project.
  • A Project Administrator needs to ensure quality work.
  • He needs to work on the project from its initiation till the end
  • He prepares the project plans and discusses the scope of the project with the senior officials
  • A Project Administrator discusses the expectations attached with the project with the team members so as to attain the desired results
  • He needs to analyze the resources required for the completion of the project
  • He is required to coordinate with the stakeholders of the project on a regular basis
  • He is required to prepare budget proposals and suggest subsequent changes in the budget whenever required
  • He needs to coordinate with other departments for the completion of projects
  • A Project Administrator delegates responsibilities to the team members for the completion of project
  • He is responsible for resolving any kind of issues arising within the team

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