Professor Job Duties

By | December 2, 2010

Professor Duties

A professor is a person who imparts education and learning in the higher degree level education. He is specialized in providing education to students in the degree level. He is a senior authority in the education field. A professor is also an educator in himself. The professor does thorough analysis and study of the specialized field and he is assigned for a particular subject or course. A professor is required having a thorough knowledge on minute aspects of the subject he is specialized in.

Professor Job Duties

  • Provided lectures, seminars and training sessions to the students.
  • Evaluated practical course study and counseling to the students for their progress.
  • Conducted researches and course study for the development of curriculum.
  • Conducted thesis for students and evaluated theories formulated by them.
  • Conducted extra course classes as per requirement of the students.
  • Maintained reports of students’ progress both in their practical and theoretical curriculum.
  • Advised students in working out the given schedules and programs in classes.
  • Provided practical course trips to give them understanding of the work experience in the required field.
  • Planned and coordinated in events involving university and college officials.
  • Provided necessary counseling as the educational advisor to them.
  • Researched innovative and advanced applications and theories on course subject.
  • Inspired students to use practical tools and technological aspects to improve interest and knowledge base.

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