Production Operator Job Duties

By | January 15, 2014

Production Operator is one who is involved in the production and assembly line in a manufacturing unit. This candidate can work in a wide variety of companies and they must have complete know-how about the manufacturing process. Production operator ensures the timely delivery of various products by helping in construction and packaging.

Production operator also assists in maintaining and operating the required machines which are involved in the production of various goods. The operator must have knowledge about the standards used in production industry so that they can assist an organisation in a better way. Various production operator job duties are mentioned below for best use.

Production Operator Job Duties

  • Production operator assists in the entire production process to ensure that the product reaches its customers without any delay.
  • They are technically sound professionals who understand the operating mechanism of the machines involved in the production process.
  • They maintain and keep the records of various machines and at times they also manage cleaning and calibration of the machines involved in the production process.
  • The production operator is in charge of the entire process of loading and unloading of production materials either manually or by making use of machines.
  • The candidate has to supervise the activities of all the operators working in the production department including the proper work flow.
  • The candidate is also required to test the final product for quality and make a note of the errors and submit to the production team for appropriate action before the entire lot of production is completed.
  • Apart from these the candidate is also required to undertake the maintenance and repair of all the production machinery for any minor issues so as to ensure production work flow at all times.
  • They must assist in various jobs like packaging the materials, operating the machines, keeping the materials ready for the assembly line and managing the records of production processes.

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