Production Assistant Job Duties

By | August 9, 2010

Production Assistant Duties

Your major job duty as a production assistant is to see that the entire production process goes off peacefully. In the process, it will be your major duty to gather maximum information from the customers and suppliers as requested.

Job Duties of a Production Assistant

  • Your major job duty is to act as a dedicated project production assistant on festivals and other big projects as requested.
  • You will have to double-check the booking sheets and co-ordinate the distribution of information.
  • As a part of your job duty, you may have to proofread for accuracy and content.
  • In addition to all these, you are expected to complete the administrative tasks involved in producing carefully and efficiently.
  • You will have to organize tickets and travel schedule for the producers and other team members as requested.
  • One of your important job duties will be to support the producing team and the assistant to the Directors in the delivering on the administrative and practical aspects of particular projects and the general business of the teams.
  • You will have to schedule and track progress of manuscripts through development and production.
  • It is very important to liaison with the packagers, pre-press houses and printers.
  • You are expected to provide administrative support to the VP Production, Production Manager as needed.

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