Product Marketing Manager Job Duties

By | August 20, 2013

A product marketing manager is responsible for creating and developing market strategies for multiple product lines that drives demand, to support the revenue, profit and other goals of the company. A product marketing manager is essentially an expert among buyers; gain information on how customers buy and their buying criterions and transfer that knowledge to the sales channel. To know about the product marketing manager job duties, please read further.

Product Marketing Manager Job Duties:

  • Develop a unique product position and message so that it distinguishes the company’s product from other products in the market.
  • Enabling sales by communicating to the sales team, propositions related to the product value and developing sales tools to enhance selling process of the products.
  • Planning the launch and releases of new products and ensuring the cross-functional implementation of the plan.
  • Owning and managing a product roadmap and managing the product lifecycle.
  • Assume responsibilities for product branding and packaging; and developing and executing product launch strategies.
  • Grabbing market opportunities and understanding customer problems and designing products and their positioning accordingly.
  • Creating sales and recommending pricing and distribution strategies and balancing firm’s objectives and customer satisfaction
  • Evaluating financial perspectives of product development such as budget, expenditure, and research and development appropriation and so on.
  • Development of content for websites necessary to drive sales through clear and high impact product information and company information.
  • Developing and managing product ancillary including datasheets, case studies and technical documentation.
  • Establishing and maintaining a proper marketing relationship with key customers who are willing to be references for case studies.
  • Developing and ensuring proper management of sales tools including presentations on sales, scripts, and letters and ROI calculators.
  • Coordinating with different departments like sales team, design team and web team.
  • Assisting with training on sales on product positioning to ensure that all members can clearly communicate.
  • Directing the hiring and training and evaluating performances of sales stuff and supervising their daily activities. 

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