Procurement Specialist Job Duties

By | July 8, 2013

A procurement specialist specialises and knows the technicality of procuring bulk materials, equipment and other supplies required in any field. The specialist generally works under the supervision of an administrative head and executes detailed tasks involved in the procurement of materials and supplies. A candidate aspiring to get into this line of profession should ideally hold a purchasing certification and some work experience in the educational or government buying setting.

He reviews all the bills, receipts and other specifications and prepares records based on these for future references. Discussed below are a number of important tasks that forms part of a procurement specialist’s job duties.

Sample Procurement Specialist Job Duties

  • A procurement specialist is responsible for receiving requisitions and thereafter examining and processing the same.
  • The candidate must prepare for the bid, its specifications and other relevant documents that need to be arranged before the bidding procedure related to the procurement of materials, supplies and equipment. He must also place orders thereafter, with the bidders who are found appropriate.
  • He must run a comparison of costs and evaluate the worth and quality of materials and supplies and decide upon its suitability.
  • A procurement specialist must communicate, consult and correspond with vendors. He should keep them regularly informed and updated about the trends, prevailing market conditions and new products.
  • The candidate must aid all officials of different departments and figure out the purchasing needs and other relevant specifications.
  • The candidate needs to assist other less experienced personnel in the buying department and supervise and train them.
  • He must maintain detailed records on information like purchasing price of materials, supplies and equipment procured on contract purchases and open market.
  • He must also closely analyze the prevalent trends in purchasing to figure out if a particular purchase or vendor association or contract would be beneficial or nor.

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