Process Engineer Job Duties

By | March 24, 2014

Process engineer’s job is to look after the design, operation, control and optimization of various processes. Process engineering covers an enormous array of industries including the petrochemical industry, mineral processing industry, food industry, pharmaceuticals industry, advanced material industry and biotechnological industry. The job of a process engineer is to design equipments, install control systems and start, run and upgrade the processes. He also looks after environment protection, health and safety of the co-workers; this is an important aspect of this job. Some of the major process engineer job duties are given below:

Process Engineer Job Duties

  • Process Engineer needs to analyze existing data to observe if more research is needed.
  • Process Engineer is required to design, install and hire new production units, supervise alteration and improvements and troubleshoot active process.
  • Process Engineer needs to prepare description, flow graph and charts.
  • Process Engineer is required to work as per the defined budget and ensure timely completion of the assigned work.
  • Process Engineer needs to work in coordination with the sub-contractors. He needs to keep a tab on their work by staying in constant contact with them.
  • Process Engineer needs to support the adaptation of small-scale processes into commercially doable large-scale operations;
  • Process Engineer needs to assume responsibility for risk estimation including hazard and operability.
  • Process Engineer has to work in close association with the chemical engineers to observe and improve the effectiveness, output and safety of the plant.
  • Process Engineer is required to ensure quality output so as to meet the supply needs.
  • Process Engineer need to gather data from the other mechanical and operational workers involved in the project.
  • Process Engineer is involved in ecological monitoring and ongoing routine of processes in the plant.
  • Process Engineer is required to ensure that all the feature of a function or process meets the precise set of laws.
  • Process Engineer needs to work in association with the scientists. He needs to control the quality of the raw materials as well as the finished products.

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