Primary Teacher Job Duties

By | October 28, 2012

Primary teacher job duties include developing lesson plans and education programs for the primary classes. Primary teachers may specialize in a particular subject and teach the same to the students. Primary teachers are required to build a good relationship with the students and help them learn and understand the subjects.

Since a primary teacher is required to deal with the students belonging to the primary classes it is their duty to inculcate good habits in them and ensure that their basics are made strong so that they can grow up to be responsible and able individuals.

Primary Teacher Job Duties

  • Primary Teacher may be required to teach one or more subjects to the students belong to the primary classes based on their area of specialization.
  • Primary Teacher needs to develop education programs for the primary school students.
  • Primary Teacher is required to look for new ways to make the classroom sessions more appealing and interesting for the students so that they are able to understand the lessons in a better way.
  • Primary Teacher needs to prepare the students for examinations.
  • Primary Teacher is required to design the examination papers and conduct examination.
  • Primary Teacher needs to evaluate the students based on their performance in the exams.
  • Primary Teacher is required to identify the students who are weak in their subject and help them learn.
  • Primary Teacher needs to maintain the attendance record of the students.
  • Primary Teacher is required to ensure that the student’s files are maintained properly and all the required information is entered in these files from time to time.
  • Primary Teacher needs to meet the student’s parents during the parent teacher meeting and discuss the students’ progress with their parents.
  • Primary Teacher is required to ensure that the students maintain proper decorum while they are in the school premises.

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