Priest Job Duties

By | April 25, 2011

Priest Duties

There are so many people on the job whose work is for our physical, mental or social development. However, there are also people whose job is to take care of our spiritual wellness. The priests are the ones who lead the church of whatever denomination and belief towards spirituality. Priests lead the church congregation in many religious ceremonies for the enrichment of faith and social involvement between and among the members of the church. They spread the word of God and guide the people towards better living.

Priest Job Duties

  • Do inspirational articles associated with its religious issues.
  • Give efficient and effective counseling and some moral guidance to those religious members.
  • Make some plans, conducts and facilitate some training in order for the development of their church leaders and youth groups.
  • Perform and do its task with some individuals and other committees in order to address financial issues.
  • Anoint and pray for those who are in need in order to pray for its healing.
  • Carefully listen to confessions and give necessary spiritual advice.
  • Visit regularly some and other member of the parish.
  • Conduct a mass also in some schools and take has an active participation in the church school activities as well.
  • Pray for those who are truly in need of it.
  • Perform some of the needed administrative duties.

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