Preschool Director Job Duties

By | June 28, 2013

A preschool director is a preschool’s administrator. He is responsible for overseeing the staff and faculty of the preschool. He is at least expected to hold a bachelor’s degree. He must also have advanced training that is required in pre-primary education. A number of responsibilities fall under any preschool director’s job duties. Some of these duties are discussed below in detail.

Sample Preschool Director Job Duties

  • A preschool director is accountable for forming policies of the school, management of the staff and supervising daily operations for smooth running of the preschool.
  • He is considered to be the head administrator of the preschool and is responsible for dealing with problems faced by the staff and the students.
  • He must set and outline the required curriculum of the preschool and make sure that it meets the standards, if any, that is set by the law.
  • He also needs to decide and follow the budget of the preschool. This forms an important part of a preschool director’s duties. He must also watch the expenditure of the preschool. He also decides the fees for the students.
  • He also needs to hire faculty and other supportive staff for smooth operation of the preschool.
  • He must also provide periodic and regular progress of the children to the parents, helping them understand their children’s growth and development.
  • He must also teach students occasionally and help build a rapport with children. He should also take care that the programs are implemented well.
  • The preschool director must also understand the techniques of teaching young infants. He must adopt techniques that would facilitate the child in picking up language and sensory related knowledge. He must also help to train the teachers in picking up the techniques of teaching young children.
  • A candidate must also ensure that the special children, if any in the class, receive proper special education and help them develop and progress faster.

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