Practical Nursing Job Duties

By | February 26, 2014

Practical nursing job duties involve providing nursing assistance to patients under the supervision of the registered medical practitioners. There are many duties that a practical nurse has to fulfill that demand good energy levels and stamina as well. The candidate should be willing to work for long hours apart from willing to work at nights too in case duty is assigned at that time. The candidate should have good knowledge of infection control procedures and obtain state licensure to be able to practice.

Practical Nursing Job Duties

  • To conduct primary physical exams like blood pressure check ups, temperature, weight and make a documentation of the health histories if any.
  • The practical nurse provides emergency medication, first-aid and intra-muscular injection to the patients as per the instructions of the supervising doctor.
  • Pre and post operation work including the handling of the machinery at the operation theatre and assistance to the specialist during surgery is undertaken by the nurse.
  • After consultation of the patient by the practitioner, under his guidelines the nurse is required to administer timely medications and check the patient’s condition at frequent intervals and report the same.
  • In the absence of the practitioner and in need of the hour, nurse must be able to take decisions and conduct the necessary steps like providing an IV fluid or an injection to stop external pain.
  • In critical cases when more than one practitioner is looking into the case of the patient, nurse co-ordinates with them to conclude on the said treatment.
  • Until complete recovery, it is the responsibility of the practical nurse to fulfill all the essential daily routine activities of the patient such as bathing, combing etc.
  • A practical nurse also has to guide patients to protect, promote and prevent illness and injury by advocating health care practices.

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