Policeman Job Duties

By | April 25, 2011

Policeman Duties

When something goes wrong in the neighborhood, we would naturally call 911 for the police hoping that they would arrive on time and help in whatever trouble we may be in. Policemen are the ones who are in charge of ensuring the safety and protection of every individual in the society particularly the area they may be assigned. Policemen enforce the law and make sure that people abide the law. Policemen are also the ones who work for the decrease or more so prevention of crimes.

Policeman Job Duties

  • Protects the needs of the people and its property as well.
  • The major role of the police is to maintain peace and order.  Keeping the peace through right surveillance of the public and its subsequent reporting and even the right apprehension for those suspected violators of law.
  • Give assistance and escort to those important people and for those government official or known as VIPs need security against their life-threatening situations.
  • Proper implementation of the law enforcements.
  • Conduct proper investigation with the crimes.
  • Immediately respond to different kinds of situations that may result while in duty.
  • Immediately available and respond in any kinds of emergency calls that needs investigates complaints, and administers first aid matters.
  • Serve warrants and subpoenas if necessary.
  • Collect evidence to a crime.
  • Guard and give escorts to those prisoners during their trials.
  • Always keep and maintain custody of important evidence, property and its records obtained in criminal cases.

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