Plumber Job Duties

By | February 28, 2012

The main task of a plumber is to install and maintain plumbing systems. A plumber must have knowledge about water distribution and the disposal of waste water in residential and commercial buildings. A plumber must be skilled in his work. Employers seek candidates having a high school diploma and relevant work experience.

Plumber Job Duties

  • Plumbers are basically involved in installing the plumbing systems and other plumbing equipments such as sinks, water heaters, bath tubs, etc
  • They are also required to repair plumbing systems and other plumbing equipments and also maintain them
  • They need to review the building plans in order to decide the layout for plumbing systems
  • Plumbers must be efficient in handling the plumbing tools and equipments
  • They need to figure out the type of pipelines required at a given place and also the size which would be appropriate for a particular place
  • Since they are required to connect the plumbing systems, they are first required to check and mark the position for these connections
  • Plumbers are required to install valves and fittings at appropriate place. They must be thorough with the method of handling tools used for these installations
  • Plumbers need to install the water treatment equipments. They also need to repair them if required and maintain them
  • They are required to install the underground storm sanitary and the water piping systems and maintain them. They also handle the repair work for these things
  • They must ensure there is no leakage in the plumbing systems
  • Plumbers need to keep a track of the tasks handled by them

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