Planning Engineer Job Duties

By | July 1, 2010

Planning Engineer Duties

The role of a Planning engineer in the organization will be to perform jointly with the site manager and see that development is taking place in the most suitable method and sequence of construction operations are going on perfectly in a scheduled project. He should plan and supervise the entire program of work and must foresee a contract’s demands in terms of work force, materials, equipment and technical challenges.

Job Duties of Planning Engineer

  • Being a responsible employee in this position your job would include the selection of appropriate methods and sequences of events for a specific project.
  • You must analyze the construction sites as well as the local environments to arrange proper logistics solutions and resources in order to execute the program.
  • Draw an outline of the planning and preparation of work including several visual aids like diagrams, bar charts etc to demonstrate the work plan.
  • In order to make the project plan you will have to use the specialist planning computer software.
  • Arranging the logistics plan along with the pricing schedule is also required for the individual projects.
  • Another important task of yours would be to monitor the progresses in the construction process and continuous checking this with the project schedule.
  • Communicating with the site agent and the surveyor all through the process and making changes to projects if required.

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