Pizza Delivery Job Duties

By | January 3, 2012

A pizza delivery man is a person whose job is to pick up the pizza orders from the restaurant or pizza centre and deliver it to the address of the customer. This job involves taking care of the fact that the order is delivered as soon as possible in a safe and sound manner. A pizza delivery man may be required to deliver the orders on a two wheeler or a bike. The following is a list of the job duties that a pizza delivery man has to perform.

Pizza Delivery Job Duties:

  • The main duty of a pizza delivery is to correctly note the order and address of the customer who has placed the order and deliver the order to the given address in the least possible time.
  • Within the job duties of a pizza delivery man, also comes the duty to collect the right amount of the payment of the order from the customer.
  • A pizza delivery man may also be required to work in the kitchen of the pizza outlet and help with various different activities.
  • A pizza delivery man must be well versed with driving of the two wheeler or the bike in a safe manner and also take care of the order which is to be delivered.
  • It is the job duty of a pizza delivery man to make a list of orders delivered in a day and hand over the list to the pizza outlet owner after the end of each day.

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