Pilot Job Duties

By | April 25, 2011

Pilot Duties

Air travel would not be possible if not with the invention of the airplane by the Wright Brothers. However, such invention would be in vain if there weren’t people who learned how to fly these planes. Such people are the pilots who make it possible for this metal aircraft to fly in mid-air safely and conveniently. Without these pilots, we would never have the chance to go to the different places in the world and meet people all over the globe. But aside from flying the aircraft, pilots still do other duties.

Pilot Job Duties

  • Responsible in the overall operation that matters on aircraft.
  • Always report to work on time or an hour before the departure so that he can still meet flight steward, crew and review the weather and airport conditions.
  • Go through and conduct series of checking with its lists with the first officer before the flight.
  • Ensure that every instrument to be used for a flight has been checked and in good condition.
  • Have a better communication with the traffic controller and to its ground crew for the preparation of landing or for its takeoff.
  • Always assure that all of its passengers will always have their good and safe flight.
  • Better training for its flight staff in order to give safety advice to its passengers.

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