Physiotherapist Job Duties

By | July 1, 2010

Physiotherapist Duties

As a Physiotherapist your basic job will be to assist the injured patients by restoring their movement capacity, reduce their pain and educate them in ailment or injury prevention.  Apart from this you must communicate directly with the referrers to the clinic, primary care team, and team of consultants in order to cure a patient.

Duties of Physiotherapist

  • You need to refer to oncologists in case of increasing symptoms.
  • Give statistical report concerning the physiotherapy service as necessary. You need to become more involved in audit of the physiotherapy examination.
  • Your responsibility will be to check the equipment used in course of treatment.You should manage the proper clinical documentation according to the policy and procedure.
  • Your job will be look upon the matter regarding audit of the clinic, and be involved in research projects.
  • Help to promote the clinic, attend general meetings when required.
  • Give proper training to the staffs to accomplish and assess the mobility risk in the absence of the physiotherapist.
  • You will have to maintain l general hygiene norms as well as the hand hygiene in particular.
  • Provide regular updates to give proper instructions to the staffs and other employees on the safe treatment of patients.

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