Physical Educator Job Duties

By | March 7, 2012

Physical Educator Job Duties include helping the students in maintaining their physical fitness. They also instruct the students on what to eat and what all to avoid in order to stay fit. For getting into this position one must possess at least a bachelor’s degree. In addition to this, they must also attend education programs that are specifically focus on physical education.

Physical Educator Job Duties

  • A Physical Educator is required to ensure that the students stay fit. He involves them in various physical activities for this purpose.
  • He involves the students in various sports activities as well as exercises to keep the body fit and healthy.
  • A Physical Educator is required to identify the stamina of different students, group them accordingly and suggest different physical activities to them based on their vigor and interest.
  • He needs to instruct the students as how to carry out different physical activities and the duration for which they should indulge in it each day.
  • He must also provide tips on eating habits to the students. This is very important to maintain a fit body.
  • A Physical Educator must see to it that the equipments required for the various physical activities are available in the school.
  • He must make a list of the missing equipments, if any and hand it over to the administration staff so that the same can be arranged.
  • He must provide knowledge about the use of different equipments to the students so that they can make the most of them without causing any harm to themselves.
  • A Physical Educator must encourage the students to take part in these activities by sharing their benefits.

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