Physical Education Teacher Job Duties

By | April 5, 2012

Physical education teacher job duties include teaching physical education lessons to the students. They teach exercises that help the students to stay physically fit and also give tips on following a healthy diet plan. It is essential to acquire a degree in physical education in order to get into this position.

Physical Education Teacher Job Duties

  • A Physical educator needs to make sure that the students stay physically fit. He involves students in various physical activities.
  • Physical educator teaches various physical exercises to the students and ensures that they exercise for some time each day.
  • Physical educator gives tips on staying fit and healthy.
  • Physical educator also offers advice on what to eat and what to avoid for maintaining a healthy body.
  • Physical Educator is expected to identify his students’ and segregate them based on it. He must suggest them physical exercises and activities depending upon their vigour.
  • Physical educator needs to instruct the students on the right way of carrying out physical activities or exercises.
  • Physical Educator must ensure that all the equipments needed for physical activities and exercises are available in the school.
  • Physical Educator must assess the requirement for new equipments for physical activities and request the school administration to provide them.
  • Physical Educator must have knowledge about the use of these equipments and should train the students on their use.
  • Physical Educator must also see to it that these equipments are maintained properly so that these can be used over and over again.
  • Physical Educator may also advice the teachers and other staff members on staying fit.


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