Pharmacy Intern Job Duties

By | July 10, 2012

Pharmacy Intern Job Duties include dispensing prescriptions, weighing the medicinal ingredients, measuring the doses, processing the ingredients in the prescription and handling various other similar tasks under the guidance of his mentor. He is required to help the pharmacists in handling different tasks and learn how to apply the theoretical knowledge about this field to handle the job duties of a pharmacist.

In order to work as a pharmacy intern one must have enrolled to an accredited pharmacy program at a university, college or a training institute. One must have good communication skills, eye for detail and the ability to deal with the customers in order to handle this position well.

Pharmacy Intern Job Duties

  • Pharmacy Intern is required to work under the supervision of the pharmacists.
  • Pharmacy Intern needs to dispense prescription seeking help from the pharmacists.
  • Pharmacy Intern is required to measure the dose of the medicines and fill them in the bottles and pack them in other packages.
  • Pharmacy Intern needs to weigh the ingredients of the medicines, compound them and process them in a prescription.
  • Pharmacy Intern is required to make use of the sterile tools at the time of working with the raw ingredients of medications and drugs.
  • Pharmacy Intern needs to work in coordination with the other members of his department in order to perform various tasks appropriately.
  • Pharmacy Intern is required to read the prescriptions and understand them. He needs to seek help from his mentor or other pharmacists if he finds difficulty in understanding the prescription.
  • Pharmacy Intern is required to see to it that the required stock of medication is maintained at all times. If any medicine or other pharmaceutical product is likely to go out of stock then he needs to inform about the same to the pharmacists.
  • Pharmacy Intern needs to make pharmaceutical calculations.

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