Pharmacy Assistant Job Duties

By | July 10, 2012

Pharmacy Assistant job duties include helping the pharmacists and the pharmacy technicians in carrying out various tasks such as ensuring that the shelves are properly stocked, dealing with the patients and providing them the prescribed medicines, maintaining record of the prescriptions received from the patients, etc. Pharmacy Assistant needs to have knowledge about performing various clerical tasks and working on computer. Prior work experience in pharmacy supply helps in handling the position well.

Pharmacy Assistant Job Duties

  • Pharmacy Assistant is required to make sure that the merchandise is labeled appropriately.
  • Pharmacy Assistant is required to take the prescription from the patients and ensure that all the essential information is present on the form.
  • Pharmacy Assistant needs to prepare the prescription labels that includes all the essential information such as the patient’s name, age, name of the clinician, prescribed medicine, and dosage and gives it to the pharmacist for his approval.
  • Pharmacy Assistant receives the supplies and checks that appropriate merchandise has been delivered by the suppliers.
  • Pharmacy Assistant needs to see to it that the paper work related to various transactions is completed appropriately and on time.


  • Pharmacy Assistant needs to ensure that the stock is placed in such a way that the medicines are all sold before their expiration date.
  • Pharmacy Assistant is required to maintain a record of the prescriptions and other important documents.
  • Pharmacy Assistant needs to compile the data related to the prescriptions received, the number of refill orders, the number of patients requesting for prescriptions.
  • Pharmacy Assistant needs to answer to the phone calls of the patients and their relatives and provide them the required information.
  • Pharmacy Assistant is required to give information related to the medicines to the patients, if asked for.
  • Pharmacy Assistant needs to ensure that the stock is adequate. He is supposed to order new stock on time.

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