Pharmacologist Job Duties

By | July 2, 2010

Pharmacologist Duties

Being a Pharmacologist your job duties comprises of investigating how potential medicines interact with the biological system of a human body. For this purpose you need to conduct vitro research using cells or animal tissues or in vivo research using whole animals to calculate what outcome the drug might have in humans.

Job Duties of Pharmacologist

  • Your entire role will be based on laboratory, as part of a scientific research team, which include designing, making plans and conducting several experiments to develop a better understanding of a compound’s activity;
  • Your job will be to collect, evaluate and interpret complex facts by using computers as well as high end technology measuring systems along with other scientific equipments.
  • Apply and develop the research results to work through diversified applications, like new products, procedures, techniques and practices;
  • Make a list of proposals for future developmental researches
  • You will have to organize and supervise different tests of new drugs and medicines, to guarantee the quality control and securing authorization for their use;
  • You need to coordinate with regulatory authorities to ensure agreement with local, national and international policies;
  • Your job duties also include planning, directing and controlling the duties of other technical employees as well as training or mentoring early-career pharmacologists.


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