Pharmacist Job Duties

By | April 25, 2011

Pharmacist Duties

The pharmacist is the one whose job takes effect after the doctor finishes the diagnoses and gives prescription necessary to cure the ailment of the patient. The pharmacist is the person in charge of dispensing medicines and making sure that the patient will take such medications according to the prescription and advice of the doctor. It is somehow the duty of the pharmacist to make sure that the patient knows the medicine, its content and chemical composition, its effect and the dosage he needs to take to recuperate easier.

Pharmacist Job Duties

  • Answering the question of the patients question about their health concerns and medications.
  • Informing the doctors regarding patient’s medication history and closely monitor treatments programs.
  • Administering and facilitating drug therapies and provide instructions on the correct usage of prescription medicine.
  • Cheerfully assisting patients with questions about over-the-drugs and prescription medications, such as side-effects and proper dosage.
  • Performing research experiments come up, develop and test pharmaceuticals.
  • Keeping up and updated on the latest research and newest drugs being developed.
  • Studying and testing new drugs and their effectiveness.
  • Advising and informing the patients and the doctors about possible drug interactions or may occur.


Pharmaceutical Education Requirements


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