Pharmaceutical Job Duties

By | July 10, 2012

Pharmaceutical is another very upcoming profession and one can get various types of work in this career line. One must remember that he must have a clear idea about his job duties as that will help to clear any confusion in the minds of the candidate and also the employer. If you go through this section, you can get a very clear idea about the job duties involved in different positions in this profession.

If you are a pharmacy manager, you will have to supervise and administer the clinic employees as well as pharmacy technicians’ activities. You will have to do ordering of medication and maintenance of proper stock control within the pharmacy.

The job duties are different if you are working as a laboratory technician. You will have to carry out physical, chemical, bacteriological, or serological tests on a array of samples which includes blood, urine, food products, sputum, milk, water, contaminants, construction materials, industrial and municipal wastes and soils as per the direction of professional staff.
Pharmacologist is another important profession where you will have to investigate and see how potential medicines interact with the biological system of a human body. Your basic job duty will be to collect, evaluate and interpret complex facts by using computers as well as high end technology measuring systems along with other scientific equipments.

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