Petroleum Engineer Job Duties

By | March 7, 2012

Petroleum Engineer Job Duties include planning and designing the process of extracting natural gas and oil from the ground and accumulating them in the storage tanks. Most Petroleum Engineers are employed at oil companies and work as per their norms. A Petroleum Engineer must have complete knowledge about the various oil and natural gases and the ways to store them efficiently.

Petroleum Engineer Job Duties

  • Petroleum Engineers are required to evaluate the cost involved in the process of extracting oil and natural gases and plan the extraction tasks accordingly.
  • They are required to keep a track of the production rates at all times.
  • Petroleum Engineers need to find out suitable places for the wells by assessing the available data.
  • They need to oversee the construction or placement of wells and conduct testing on them.
  • Petroleum Engineers are required to ensure maximum extraction of oil and natural gases by guiding the workers involved in this process.
  • Those working for the oil companies need to build processes to ensure maximum profit for the companies.
  • Petroleum Engineers are involved in helping the engineering and other workers for rectifying the operating issues.
  • They are also involved in documenting various tasks and preparing technical reports.
  • Petroleum Engineers also need to maintain a record of the drilling operations.
  • Petroleum Engineers must have complete knowledge about the utilization of various mining equipments as they are required to use them for performing various tasks.
  • They are required to test these equipments to check their working and are also responsible for their maintenance.

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