Pest and Weed Controller Job Duties

By | July 15, 2011

Pest and Weed Controller Duties

PestĀ and weed controllers have a very significant role to play in the preservation of plant sales outlet, gardens and ranch. They are largely responsible for keeping plantsĀ fit by making certain that the plants are not exaggerated by any bug or pests and also keep them free from weeds so that they can cultivate in healthy circumstances.

Job Duties of Pest and Weed Controller

  • The major job of pest and weed controller is to identify the exact place which was related with the problem. The place is fully examined by the equipments and the species of the pest are removed, just they track the point where the pest has attacked and remove them completely with the help of sources they have.
  • The process of removing them start with the spray or by the use of the chemical solution, sometime for removing pest they use gaseous which are poisonous and are capable of removing pest like ants, cockroaches and termites. They are those pests which infest buildings and surrounding areas.
  • They are capable of removing weeds from the cultivated areas so that the plants with the parasitic nature will not able to steal the nourishment from the soil.
  • It totally depends on the season, that how much time will be taken to removes the weed or pest.

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