Personal Assistant Job Duties

By | October 17, 2013

A personal assistant is one who is responsible for the secretarial work in an office. The candidate has primary responsibility of providing administrative support to the senior managers or the directorial staff in the organization. Apart from this the personal assistant acts as the coordinator and organizer of the work that is done by these senior managers which includes arranging timings for meetings, taking appointments etc.

Personal Assistant Job Duties

  • A personal assistant would be responsible to schedule all appointments of senior manager and make sure they are informed well in advance to avoid any delay.
  • The candidate is in charge to arrange all the travel, visas and accommodation for all business related trips.
  • Another duty that a personal assistant is required to fulfill is to accompany the manager during important meetings and would need to take notes and also prepare minutes of the same.
  • The candidate also needs to meet and welcome all visitors, especially the senior level management.
  • The candidate has to answer all phone calls, maintain and record important messages.
  • Even answering all the emails and faxes received is the duty of a personal assistant.
  • The job duty of a personal assistant requires preparation of various presentations and reports.
  • Even the accounts and budgets normally related to the reporting manager are prepared by the personal assistant.
  • The candidate is responsible to maintain important data and information and should be able to provide the same as and when required.
  • Updating all records and maintaining them in a perfect order is also a key duty undertaken by a personal assistant.
  • The candidate needs to make sure that the manager is well prepared for a meeting by providing all the required information.
  • The duty of a personal assistant also needs the candidate to coordinate with the staff and other employees for any issues related to their department.
  • A personal assistant should be in a position to handle all enquiries with the suppliers.

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