Pediatrician Job Duties

By | April 25, 2011

Pediatrician Duties

A pediatrician is a physician or doctor whose specialization is on infants and children and the sicknesses and diseases that usually put them under the weather. Pediatricians are experts on the conditions of infants and children and how to keep them safe, strong and healthy. They are the ones who are usually visited especially during the first years of the child for all the vaccination and immunizations they need as they grow. Besides that, pediatricians still do a host of other duties.

Pediatrician Job Duties

  • Provide the necessary vaccination that is needed in treating children injuries.
  • Diagnose severe childhood diseases and medical conditions of children.
  • Plan and carry out medical care program for children from birth to eighteen years old for community and societies.
  • Plan, implement and facilitate mental and physical development or children to adolescent.
  • Examine children’s patients to determine presence of disease.
  • Plan, carry out and establish preventive health practices that tackle children’s diseases.
  • Perform and interpret diagnostic examinations to get a result of patient’s medical condition.
  • Supervise and monitor patient’s condition and reassessing treatments as necessary.
  • Direct the patient to a medical specialist.
  • Render service to other physician when needed.

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