Payroll Coordinator Job Duties

By | March 29, 2014

Payroll Coordinators are assigned numerous roles and responsibilities. They are required to perform a variety of professional accounting work with emphasis on technical tasks related to payroll.

They are involved in the preparation of payroll financial reports, statements and also have to conduct special financial analysis. Payroll coordinators act like a liaison between employees, payments, payroll office and concerned banking institutions. Major payroll coordinator job duties are given below:

Payroll Coordinator Job Duties

  • Payroll Coordinator needs to process entries like hiring, budget number changes and separations in the payroll.
  • Payroll Coordinator needs to enter employee hours in the Time Reporting System for payroll processing.
  • Payroll Coordinators are required to review the employee’s payroll by viewing online check registers. If errors like underpayments or overpayments occur, it is the responsibility of Payroll Coordinator to work with the Payroll Office and submit necessary documents for correction.
  • Payroll Coordinator coordinators payroll pick up or hand drawn check pick up with the departmental green authorization card.
  • Payroll Coordinator posts entries from supportive records and balances against other records.
  • Payroll Coordinator checks records and papers for arithmetic and clerical accuracy, completeness and compliance with established standards and procedures.
  • Payroll Coordinator investigates employee complaints concerning direct deposit accounts by researching payroll documents and following up with banking institutions.
  •  Payroll Coordinator needs to initiate and maintain records in the event of an extreme emergency and disasters.
  • Payroll Coordinator aids independent auditors in their performance of annual audit by answering questions, locating materials, explaining procedures and policies as requested.
  • Payroll Coordinator is answerable to the internal employees of the organization and all those who have queries related to payrolls.
  • Payroll Coordinator is required to ensure that he works according to the guidelines set by his organization.
  • Payroll Coordinator is also required to ensure that all the tasks related to the payroll are completed well in time so as to avoid employee dissatisfaction.


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