Payroll Clerk Job Duties

By | April 5, 2012

Payroll Clerk Job Duties include working on payroll systems and computing staff salaries. They are required to maintain a record of all the payroll activities that take place in the organization. Most organizations have more than one payroll clerk and the payroll work is divided amongst them. It is essential to have knowledge about MS Office in addition to the other required qualification in order to get into this position.

Payroll Clerk Job Duties

  • Payroll Clerks need to plan the payment or salary structures of their organization’s employees.

  • Payroll Clerks need to plan the amount of perks and remunerations to be given the employees.

  • Payroll Clerks are required to process the information about the new hires and those who have left the organization in the payroll system.

  • Payroll Clerks need to work as per the set company guidelines.

  • Payroll Clerks may even provide information related to taxation, insurance, etc to the staff.

  • Payroll Clerks may design the company’s pension scheme

  • Payroll Clerks need to keep a track of the absentees and those who have taken half days or sick leaves.

  • Payroll Clerks need to work on the payroll system.

  • Payroll Clerks are required to prepare reports on the payroll activities.

  • Payroll Clerks may discuss the scope of improvement in the existing payroll system with the senior officials.

  • Payroll Clerks need to coordinate with different departments in order to find out about employees’ achievements and any remuneration he/ she is liable for in a particular month and compute the salary accordingly.

  • Payroll Clerks need to ensure that the employee salaries are being transferred on time.

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