Patient Care Technician Job Duties

By | January 19, 2012

The Patient Care Technicians work with health care professionals such as doctors and nurses in order to give patient care in different healthcare environments. The people working in this field must be patient, caring and compassionate. In order to get into this profession one needs to have a relevant degree.

Patient Care Technician Job Duties

  • Patient Care Technicians assist the patients in carrying out various tasks which the later cannot do on their own.
  • They provide assistance to the patients during their stay at the Hospitals, nursing homes, rehabilitation centres, etc.
  • The Patient Care Technicians help the patients in eating. They ensure the delivery of food, water and medicines at the right time and also feed the patients.
  • These Technicians help the patients in getting out of the bed.
  • They assist the patients in taking a bath or give them a sponge bath, if required.
  • Their task also involves recording the vital signs of patients such as their height, weight, etc.
  • The Patient Care Technicians also collect specimens of the patients.
  • They are also required to keep a track of their reports.
  • These Technicians monitor and record the patients’ conditions from time to time in order to inform the same to the doctors.
  • If a patient is advised to do some exercises; they help them with hat also.
  • They also help the patients to sit in the wheelchair.
  • Their task also involves the discontinuation of IV’s.
  • Patient Care Technicians are expected to maintain a clean and hygienic environment in and around the wards.

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