Pathologist Job Duties

By | July 15, 2013

A pathologist is a kind of physician who examines a patient’s tissues and looks for test accuracy in lab tests. These professionals help give a better understanding of test results in order to facilitate the correct diagnosis and treatment of the patient. A pathologist has a lot of duties to perform. There are different types of pathologists. Pathologists work with other doctors in the treatment of a patient. Here are the job duties of a pathologist.

Sample Pathologist Job Duties

  • A pathologist needs to administer medical laboratories.
  • A pathologist needs to adopt or develop new ways and instruments to improve the diagnosis of diseases.
  • A clinical pathologist must overlook tests that are done on body fluids and supervise to check if they are done properly.
  • A pathologist must investigate and evaluate the extent to which a disease has affected a patient and suggest the appropriate way of treating the same.
  • A pathologist must ensure safety of blood samples and other blood products in test labs.
  • A pathologist supervises the blood bank and ensures the safe usage and administers its safety for the staff.
  • A pathologist must also identify the cause of infections that lead to microorganisms like bacteria, parasites, fungi and viruses. This way they must help in selecting the most effective line of treatment.
  • An anatomic pathologist needs to assist surgeons while during operations.
  • An anatomic pathologist must provide quick diagnosis during the operation based on the specimens obtained during surgeries.
  • A forensic pathologist needs to work along with our legal system and help interpret the evidences based on the biological results. He must also help interpret biological proofs in civil and criminal cases.
  • A forensic pathologist must carry out post mortem autopsies.
  • A pathologist must also participate in conferences and workshops in order to keep himself updated with new technologies.

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