Parts Manager Job Duties

By | August 7, 2010

Parts Manager Duties

This position involves a lot of responsibilities and the person concerned must be experienced in distribution of parts and must have the tendency to perform in details and has to be a problem solver with superior customer service skills. You will have to work in an active environment and be able to implement new systems to better distribute parts to the employees and the customers.

Job Duties of an Automobile Parts manager

  • One of the most important job duties of an automobile parts manager is to maintain an inventory which can balance the need of the various departments such as commercial accounts, service and the general public.
  • You will have to assist the management in establishing the pricing parameters in each of the customer categories which has got the probability of generating sufficient gross profit to produce a satisfactory fat profit while maintaining proper customer loyalty.
  • Being responsible for the automobile parts, you will have to establish the levels of individual parts and then balance them for maximum turnover.
  • To minimize the obsolescence, you will have to monitor and adjust the inventory on a regular basis.
  • You will also have to see that all the returned or warranty parts are properly tagged so that the dealership can get full recovery credit from the factory.

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