Painter Job Duties

By | July 15, 2011

Painter Duties

The major job of the painter is to paint, refurbish and renovate complexes, houses and buildings. Painter can be recruited by the builders or he can be self employed for painting buildings or complexes. His job is depends on the entry level, but they usually go under the training process before commencing work.

Job duties of Painter

  • Checking the building if any sort of painting work is required or the specific place where the painting is needed.
  • Decide best paint colors according to the texture of the walls.
  • Experimenting with colors and appears with new shades.
  • Before painting his job is to remove the old paint by scraping, removing all the nails from the wall and plastering it completely, so that the new paint can be applied easily.
  • Inspecting the wall completely and decide the number of coats will be done on the wall.
  • Estimating the total cost which will be required for painting the whole structure.
  • Completing the entire task on time which was assigned by the supervising authority.
  • His job is to maintain the standard of the work and most importantly the quality.
  • Knows the appropriate procedure of painting with the help of brushes, colors, thinner and other major tools.

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