Paediatric Medical Assistant job Duties

By | September 4, 2013

A Paediatric Medical Assistant works under a physician or nurses who specialize in providing health care to children or teenagers below 18 years of age. They perform routine medical tasks to help medical practitioners provide more focused care for the patient.

A Paediatric Medical Assistant has two positions: back office and front office. Back office assistants get to work directly with the doctor and the patients. The front office medical assistants get to control the flow of patients in the office and collect payment. Some of the Paediatric Medical Assistant job duties are as follows:

Paediatric Medical Assistant job Duties

Paediatric Medical Assistant Back Office:

  • A Paediatric Medical Assistant, if assigned to a back office position, is expected to interact with the patient and take down his vitals which include height, weight, blood pressure, etc. If the reason for the visit is more serious, the assistant may arrange for a urine or blood sample.
  • A Paediatric Medical Assistant asks the patient about his symptoms and notes that information down, along with any previous medical history that patient may have. All this data is entered in the patient chart.
  • A Paediatric Medical Assistant is required to give patients vaccinations after a doctor writes orders for them. While giving the patient the required vaccination, a paediatric Medical Assistant notes down location of injection, the method of injection, vaccination name and lot number. This information is then entered into the patient’s vaccination record.

Paediatric Medical Assistant Front Office:

  • A Paediatric Medical Assistant checks in patients.
  • They collect and verify insurance information if needed.
  • They collect patient forms, update patient files and schedule appointments and the necessary laboratory tests.
  • A Paediatric Medical Assistant schedules any follow-up appointment.
  • The candidate answers phone calls and set up phone appointments.
  • A Paediatric Medical Assistant often has to verify an appointment on the phone with a patient.
  • They have to collect and process laboratory reports.

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