Orthopedic Nurse Job Duties

By | April 30, 2013

An orthopedic nurse is a nurse who has specialized education, knowledge and training of treating those patients who are suffering from orthopedic conditions or those skeletal system issues which are related to bone fracture, joint replacement surgeries, degenerative problems etc. an orthopedic nurse plays an important role in clinics which are concerned with orthopedics and must be willing to take up many duties and responsibilities which are associated with this job position.

The following is a detailed write up about the various job duties of an orthopedic nurse:

Sample Orthopedic Nurse Job Duties

  • An orthopedic nurse has to assess the conditions faced by new patients and record these assessments so that the doctor can check them and provide necessary care and treatment.
  • An orthopedic nurse‚Äôs duty involves monitoring the condition of the patients and checking for the progress made by them.
  • Another duty of an orthopedic nurse is to provide utmost care to those patients who have recently undergone surgery and require medical assistance.
  • An orthopedic nurse is also required to help patients in physiotherapy and similar treatments.
  • Another major duty of a person working at the position of an orthopedic nurse is to attend conferences which talk about better patient care methods and orthopedic inventions and breakthroughs.
  • It is the job duty of an orthopedic nurse to take directions and orders from the orthopedic doctor and then perform tasks and duties.
  • Sometimes, an orthopedic nurse may also be required to help patients get off from their car or vehicle and walk towards the clinic and vice versa.
  • It is the job duty of an orthopedic nurse to see to it that the patient is getting the right treatment and the medicines are giving better results. It is their duty to change the medicine if it is not working.

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