Orthopaedic Surgeon Job Duties

By | July 11, 2013

An orthopaedic surgeon is a physician who helps in the treatment of different ailments related to the bones. He largely helps diagnose, treat and reconstruct injuries, disorders and all the disease that affect one’s musculoskeletal system. Orthopaedic surgeons often carry out various surgeries, replacements and reconstructions related to bones.

There are various tasks and duties of an orthopaedic surgeon. He is committed to advancement of the treatment of musculoskeletal-related problems. Given below are few of his duties.

Sample Orthopaedic Surgeon Job Duties

  • An orthopaedic surgeon must help diagnose problems related to musculoskeletal system and suggest the required treatment of disease.
  • An orthopaedic surgeon needs to perform required tests and examinations on the patient.
  • An orthopaedic surgeon must plan a chart out stating the course of treatment, its affect on patient and the patient’s progress. This helps in planning future course of action.
  • An orthopaedic surgeon must keep a track of the patient’s history and document the current course of treatment adopted. He must also suggest and recommend other medical professionals to the patient if required.
  • An orthopaedic surgeons needs to perform surgeries, reconstruction and joint replacements, repair bone fractures, surgery of hand, elbow, wrist, shoulder, ankle, foot, back, spine, musculoskeletal tumour surgery and many similar surgeries.
  • An orthopaedic surgeon needs to supervise the entire orthopaedic division and the team of technicians, nurses and other physicians handling a particular patient case.
  • An orthopaedic surgeon must assign duties and responsibilities to the orthopaedic team and instruct them to execute specific tasks timely.
  • An orthopaedic surgeon must keep himself abreast with all the recent developments that have taken place in the world of orthopaedics. He must know about the latest technologies being used across the world and help introduce the same. Hence lifting up the way patient are being treated.

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