Orthodontist Job Duties

By | June 22, 2012

Orthodontist Job duties include examining and diagnosing the oral cavity anomalies and dental malocclusions in the patients. He is also required to treat these dental conditions. He needs to realign the jaws and teeth to their normal position with the help of dental instruments. Orthodontist is required to carry out various dental procedures to cure their patients. One must have a relevant degree in order to handle this position efficiently.

Orthodontist Job Duties

  • Orthodontist is required to fix dental structures in the patient’s mouth so that it can function appropriately.
  • Orthodontist is required to modify the teeth and jaw’s position and realign them for proper functioning.
  • Orthodontist needs to make the diagnostic records of the patients.
  • Orthodontist is required to maintain the record of the various treatments that the patients are undergoing.
  • Orthodontist is required to study the medical history of the patients before deciding and proposing treatment plans to them.
  • Orthodontist needs to estimate the cost involved in conducting various treatments and share the same with the patients.
  • Orthodontist is required to ensure that the patients are given the best possible treatment within their budget.
  • Orthodontist is required to make use of various dental tools and equipments in order to conduct various dental procedures.
  • Orthodontist is required to make sure that these dental tools and instruments used during dental procedures are maintained properly.
  • Orthodontist needs to take the x-ray of teeth, gums and jaws of the patients depending upon their dental problem and study the x-ray to diagnose the patient’s problem.
  • Orthodontist is required to give instructions the dental officers to carry out various dental procedures.
  • Orthodontist needs to ensure that the dental check-ups, treatments and other procedures are carried out under hygienic conditions to avoid any kind of infection.
  • Orthodontist needs to prepare dental structures to be placed in the patient’s mouth.

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