Order Processing Representative Job Duties

By | August 9, 2010

Order Processing Representative Duties

Once the containers get deposited in the country it is the main duty of the order processing representative to oversee all the customer related activities. He must be well aware of the facts of brokerage, warehouse, etc.

Job Duties of an Order Processing Representative

  • He will have to process international transportation orders, quotes time in transit for services, and book cargo as required.
  • His job duty will have to do order entry, tracing, and proofs of delivery for warehouse clients. He may also have to trace shipments when necessary.
  • His important job duty will be to work with the customers, suppliers, and various shippers to route, pick-up and/or trace shipments as necessary.
  • He will also have to resolve problems and maintaining an ongoing professional relationship with the customer and vendors. He is needed to effectively communicate with the customers and their suppliers as and when necessary.
  • He will have to issue customer requested and internal status reports.
    He is expected to do data entry of customer orders to include routing, tracking, and proof of delivery. He will also have to obtain proofs of delivery and charges from international agents.
  • He must report on any problems which he cannot solve to his immediate supervisor or manager.

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