Optometrist Receptionist Job Duties

By | December 20, 2013

An optometrist receptionist is one who works as a receptionist in an optometry clinic. The candidate should have good polite manners and be friendly in order to provide courteous response to the patients’ who visit the clinic. Besides the candidate should also have good knowledge about eyewear and other procedures that involve eye testing as well.

The candidate should provide correct information to the patients who visit the clinic along with helping in running the optometry clinic in an efficient manner. Various optometrist receptionist job duties are mentioned below:

Optometrist Receptionist Job Duties

  • Answer phone calls and take appointments from patients’ for various optometrist doctors available for consultation at the clinic.
  • Ensure to make charts for each optometrist which provides schedule of activities on a daily basis.
  • Ensure availability of optometric supplies at all times and indenting required supplies by stock checking once in a week.
  • Maintain office equipment such as printers, computers, fax machine etc which are used for billing and other routine administrative duties.
  • Help the patients’ in selection of frame by providing suitable suggestions and information about the frames.
  • Providing guidance to the patients’ about the usage and care with regard to the spectacles and contact lenses.
  • Help patients’ in repairs and adjustment of frames and lenses as and when necessary.
  • Undertake updating of billing details for the patients’ and provide printed generation of bills to the patients’.
  • Make sure to file all the bills in appropriate files and produce to the management when necessary.
  • Provide patients’ with insurance authorization procedures by getting forms duly filled and submit to insurance company on time.
  • To keep track of the appointment schedules and working timings of various optometrists available in the clinic.
  • To update optometrists regarding the work flow on a daily basis without fail.
  • Should be able to communicate well with the patients’ and promote sales of spectacle frames and contact lenses.

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