Optician Job Duties

By | June 22, 2012

Optician Job Duties include testing the eye site of the patients, assessing their eye sight number, vertex distance and temple length with the use of measuring devices. He is required to prepare lenses for their clients depending upon the specifications taken. It is essential to undergo a relevant degree course in order to get into this position. Though there is no prior work experience required for this position, having some acts as an added advantage.

Optician Job Duties

  • Optician is required to assess the client’s eye size, vertex distance, temple length, optical centers and papillary distance with the help of various instruments used for measuring these.
  • Optician is required to prepare lenses for the patients based on all the tests mentioned above.
  • Optician needs to keep in mind all the specifications determined by conducting the above mentioned tests while grinding and resizing the lenses.
  • Optician is required to make work order for the clients based on their specific needs.
  • Optician needs to fabricate the eyeglasses as per the client’s requirement.
  • Optician is required to help the clients in choosing the color, shape and style of the frames based on their optical prescription, face cut and other features.
  • Optician needs to prepare and maintain a record of the client’s work orders and prescriptions.
  • Optician needs to give an estimate about the cost involved in preparing the frame and lenses to the patients.
  • Optician is required to ensure that the required paper work is completed on time.
  • Optician is required to submit the patient’s insurance information and all the other required details before starting with the optical procedure.
  • Optician needs to ensure that the optical instruments required for testing the patient’s eye site are available.
  • Optician is required to ensure that the optical instruments are maintained and kept under hygienic conditions.
  • Optician needs to help the clients in choosing contact lenses.

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