Optical Technician Job Duties

By | January 2, 2014

Optical Technician is involved in assisting the clients with the removal, insertion and maintenance of the contact lenses. They work with ophthalmologists and assist clients in selecting the appropriate lenses according to their style and colour preferences. They must also know how to use measuring devices to take the accurate measure of the lens size for the clients.

They take the measurement of the eye sizes and bridge, papillary distance, vertex distance, temple length and optical eye centres for the purchase of eye glasses. According to the optical prescription they coordinate frames and do the eye measurements. Optical technician job duties also include activities such as mounting and grounding of the lenses and preparing the work orders for the optical laboratories.

Optical Technician Job Duties

  • Optical Technicians assist in creating lenses for various purposes like contact lenses, optical instruments and eyeglasses.
  • They need to work in coordination with the various ophthalmologist and licensed optometrists.
  • They produce different kind of lenses according to the specifications provided to them. They understand the prescription and create a lens according to the prescription.
  • They must be able to do the necessary calculations for the production of specific lenses.
  • They apply protective coating once the lenses are formed and they use meter for measuring the lenses during the production.
  • They also repair damaged eyeglasses and make use of numerous apparatus like small hand tools, computer based equipments and equipments for measuring lenses.
  • Assist the customers in trying various spectacle frames and help in deciding the same.
  • The optical technician is also required to take the measurements of the spectacles and send the same along with the prescribed lenses to the factory or workshop for fixing.
  • The candidate is also required to undertake minor repairs and adjustment of frames for the customers who visit the clinic.

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