Optical Finishing Technician Job Duties

By | July 1, 2010

Optical Finishing Technician Duties

You need to have high energy, integrity and an excellent work ethic. You are required to pay attention in detail and is very much necessary to have good attendance. You will have to maintain your target of production and report directly to the Production Manager.

Job Duties of Optical Finishing Technician

  • You will have to produce quality eyewear and the production has to be completed in a timely manner as prescribed by the management.
  • The production manager will set the production goals as needed by the outlets and you will have to strictly adhere to that quantity and schedule.
  • While handling the lens material, you have to be careful as any mishandling may damage the material.
  • Being familiar with the finishing machines and procedures, you have to take care of maintenance and calibration of equipment on a daily basis.
  • You will also have to perform other duties like Blocking, Edging, Mounting, Polish and Wash-up. These are more related to finishing of the product and make it more perfect. In other words, you must have an eye for perfection while finishing the product.
  • You will have to adhere to the safety rules of the company and be properly disciplined to the employment policies of the company.

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