Operations Engineer Job Duties

By | March 24, 2014

Operations Engineer is basically involved in supporting plant operations. He needs to figure out operational problems and subsequently work upon resolving the same.

In order to handle the assigned tasks efficiently, an operations engineer must have good observational skills. He/ She must also possess good technical understanding and reporting skills. Read on to find out about the Operations Engineer Job Duties in detail.

Operations Engineer Job Duties

  • An operations engineer is accountable for the operation of machinery used on building projects. He is responsible for handling all facets of the equipment, as well as its motors, motor graders, pumps, throttles, steam turbines, levers, air conditioning systems and shovels.
  • The operations engineer drives as well as operate equipment for the reason of loading up in addition to moving earth, rocks, undergrowth along with other objects. This may also include pouring out building material in addition to cement, leveling topography as well as moving steel.
  • An operation engineer rotates machinery‚Äôs regulators; mechanical devices as well as pumps to make certain the control plus discharge of air with water. He as well regulates hand wheels along with depressing treadles, which manage driving, the blades, and bucket along with swing boom add-ons.
  • They are also accountable for fixing defective equipments.
  • Operations engineers are also liable for the organization as well as preservation of the devices and tools so as to make it function accurately. This can entail executing custom preservation tests to make sure automatic and mechanized systems are functioning unharmed and correctly.
  • In a number of big companies, the function of an operation engineer is to be accountable for supervising an industrial plant where tools are held.
  • Apart from this, the general job duties of operations engineer also includes handling, functioning and monitoring all the portions of a plant as well as its control systems.

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