Operation Manager Job Duties

By | July 15, 2011

Operation Manager Duties

One of the major duties of the Operation Manager is to ensure all the smooth operational procedures of the company are approaching towards its target. Operation Managers major job is to keep a consistent look on the manufacture of the product and maintain a report of the consumer’s consumption. An Operation Manager must be well trained so that it can handle various operations held on the workplace as well as manages the employee’s efficiency.

Job Duties of Operation Manager

  • The major job duties of the Operation Manager are to ensure the quality of the product during its production. His job is to look all the phases off the development as the production is one of the major areas of the company.
  • Operation Manager duty is to check that every product has undergoes standard and the quality check phase. This will help in maintaining the company image in the market.
  • His major job is to maintain the smooth operations in the company workplace. There are several hazards in the workplace which should be maintained from time to time. It is considered much important from the Operation Manager point of view, as it deals with the safety measures of the employees.
  • Operation Manager is able to manage machineries and equipments from any of the technical faults.

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