Oil Rig Nurse Job Duties

By | December 3, 2010

Oil Rig Nurse Duties

Oil rig nurse is a professional engaged in the oil rig to provide medical facilities to the members. The oil rig field is a work field of high risk. It involves drilling of oil from deep down the ocean and maintaining those machines and technical equipments, as such the oil rig workers face lot of problems and also injuries. In such a case, the nurse provides medical facilities to the workers.

The oil rig workers also cannot come to ground after every work due to continuous running of machines and drilling. As such, the doctor and the nurse are required to provide medical facilities.

Oil Rig Nurse Job

  • Provided medical facilities and diagnosis for curing health problems.
  • Responsible for maintaining adequate stock of medical equipment and facilities.
  • Arranged for emergency contact help from shore in case of severe emergencies.
  • Efficiently handled emergency and critical situations with care.
  • Administered health care facilities to the workers for their effective working conditions.
  • Assisted in operations during severe health problems.
  • Educated proper health practices among the people.
  • Handled evacuations to onshore hospitals in emergency.
  • Provided life saving treatments and guided procedures to the employees.

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